Demonstration of Microwave Electromagnetic Scattering Theory and New Concepts of Radar

The experimental platform is utilized for precise acquisition of dielectric properties and microwave scattering characteristics of diverse targets on the terrain. By employing electromagnetic scattering theory, forward models can be established to accurately depict the interaction between electromagnetic waves and targets. Through the combination of theoretical models and experimental measurements, the laboratory can effectively demonstrate new concepts and systems for microwave remote sensing observations.

Parameter Retrieval Methodology of Various Targets on Earth's Surface

Based on the "Experimental Platform for Target Microwave Properties Measuring and lmage Simulation", the microwave scattering properties and quantitative retrieval methods of typical targets can be studied, such as vegetation, soil and water (inland and ocean). This research provides valuable technical support for extracting essential geo-spatial information that contributes to the economic and social development .

Applications of Microwave Remote Sensing Technology

The application advantages of microwave remote sensing should not be ignored in regions like Zhejiang Province and the Yangtze River Delta, known for their frequent cloudy and rainy conditions. Microwave remote sensing has the ability to penetrate through clouds, enabling the research and application of various fields including agricultural yield estimation, soil degradation assessment, disaster monitoring, and ocean environment monitoring. It provides essential technical support for facilitating sustainable socio-economic development and ecological environmental protection.

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