About the Platform
Test Case
The Experimental Platform for Target Microwave Properties Measuring and lmage Simulation

The anechoic chamber in LAMP serves as a critical scientific platform for microwave remote sensing experiments. This facility offers a controlled testing environment that allows for the study of microwave characteristics in a pure and interference-free setting. Equipped with movable tracks and full-polarization antennas, the chamber operates within a wide frequency range of 0.8 GHz to 18 GHz.

Pure, interference-free, controllable microwave test environment; Movable track with millimeter precision, conducting with 0-360° azimuth angle and 0-90° incidenceangle;

Measuring continuous microwave spectrum from 0.8GHz to 18GHz with full polarization; Single/dual/multi-static 2D/3D ISAR imaging; Target's maximum size: 4mX3mX3m; Internal size: 24m (L) X24m (W) X17m (H).

Collecting targets in the field

Experimental Process

Measuring parameters of the target
Preparing targets under test

Measuring microwave properties
of the target

Imaging of Multi-Phenological Rapeseed

Verification of RCS Measurement of Trihedral Angular Scatterer
RCS Measure and Simulation of a Commercial UAV (HITARGET iFlyV10)

Multi-static System Verification
RCS Measurement for Different Soil Surface

Microwave scattering characteristics can be measured and simulated for typical targets on the earth surface (forests, crops, grasslands, water bodies, soil etc.) , which can improve the application level of microwave remote sensing data.

Sixth leaf
C Band with Center Frequency 5.3GHz, 40° Incidence Angle, Azimuth Resolution 6 cm, Range Resolution 7 cm.

MAD:mean absolute deviation σ_s:standard deviation Trihedral angular scatterer size:15cm

3D model of the target

C band, quad-polarized ISAR images

Range profile of the commercial UAV

C band (5.3GHz), HH polarization, multi-azimuth imaging of the commercial UAV

      High Roughness           Medium Roughness          Low Roughness

3D Model

Real Scene

Comparison between the measured and simulated RCS value of a metallic sphere. The Mean absolute error between the measured and the simulated value is less than 1dBsm.

HH polarization, 35° incidence angle.
Comparison of RCS between experimental measurement
and simulation (incident Angle =30°; VV polarization)

30% flowering
Beginning of the

Completely ripening

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