President’s Message
The Deqing Academy of Satellite Applications was co-built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Moganshan National High-tech Zone in 2017, which aims to conduct research and technological development in satellite remote sensing applications and fundamental theories of spatial information. The institute currently has 6,500 square meters of office space for research, with a total value of various instruments and equipment exceeding 70 million yuan. The institute has a team of over 80 individuals, with more than 90% possessing master’s degrees or higher educational qualifications.
In the future, the institute will focus on the practical needs of innovation-driven development. By capitalizing on its strengths in key technological research and development, technology transfer, industrialization, and talent development in the realm of remote sensing applications, the institute aims to bolster its international influence in satellite remote sensing and spatial information. Furthermore, it endeavors to facilitate the high-quality growth of both satellite applications and related industries.

The measurement of the electromagnetic wave spectrum of targets on the Earth's surface is the cornerstone of remote sensing. However, the limited understanding of microwave characteristics has hindered the depth and breadth of radar remote sensing data applications. To address this gap, the Scientific Experimental Platform for Terrestrial Target Microwave Properties Measuring and Image Simulation was established. It provides ideal conditions for original and fundamental research, facilitates the development and design of new microwave sensors, offers experimental verification for pre-research and feasibility analyses of high-resolution microwave sensors, and provides theoretical support for microwave remote sensing applications.
Building upon the successful construction of the experimental platform, the Laboratory of Microwave Target Properties was established in 2017. The laboratory sincerely looks forward to collaborating with international peers to advance the science and application of radar remote sensing, and seeking cooperation opportunities with universities, research institutions, and high-tech enterprises. It aims to promote the application of remote sensing big data and envision a brighter future starting from Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta region to the world.

The Laboratory of Target Microwave Properties (LAMP) is a provincial key laboratory affiliated with the Deqing Academy of Satellite Applications (DASA) and was officially established on December 11, 2017.
LAMP boasts a large-scale scientific experimental platform, which fills a crucial gap in the ability to measure the microwave characteristics of various substances and targets. The laboratory conducts research on the theory of electromagnetic scattering, explores microwave observation and quantitative retrieval methods for both terrestrial and oceanic resources, and conducts theoretical research and experiments related to microwave electromagnetic characteristics. With a facility spanning 2,600 square meters, LAMP has assembled a research team of over 50 members.

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